What's Virtue?

I’ll be real. Before going to cosmetology school, I probably used Herbal Essence or whatever shampoo smelled good and didn’t cost much. Sure school taught me all of the technical reasons why I should buy professional product, but I just started to care more about the health of my hair. I’ve been on a mission to find the best products ever since.

I’ve always been pretty simple in my routine, so I knew I didn’t want to carry a product line with a million different shampoos and multiple steps. I also am big on company culture, I want to be a part of a family and proud of the new products and innovations that are launched. And, of course, I want my clients’ hair to look and feel amazing both when they leave my chair and when they return for their next appointment.

Enter VIRTUE, the biotech turned hair company that has gone above and beyond in supporting me and my brand. Their simple yet efficient product line covers all hair needs from repairing damage to adding volume. Their hairspray is the perfect amount of hold and flexibility and their dry shampoo smells like a tropical spa resort.

What separates them from the pack is their unique Alpha Keratin 60ku which strengthens hair and repairs damage. And each products’ fragrance is subtle yet refreshing. I could go on and on about how great the company is, that they give back to injured Vets, or that their products are all sulfate, paraben, phthalate, synthetic color and dye, gluten, and cruelty free. But just know, if you want your hair to be the best version of itself, this is what you need in your shower and in your gym bag.

You can pick up some Virtue at your next appointment or through my online store: CLICK HERE. I’ve grown to love this brand and company, and I’m excited for you to fall in love too!


Kelsey Marie